What is a Springpole for dogs?

The springpole is a canine conditioning tool that has been used for over 100 years to strengthen dogs.

Anytime a dog bites and tugs on something from below we call it working the springpole, whether there is an actual spring or not.


Why is it called Springpole?

The name comes from early examples having a similarity to the Springpole Lath commonly used in the past to turn wood.



The springpole is the most misunderstood dog toy in history. 

Biting and tugging satisfies a deep wolf instinct that is present in all dogs.

Bull breeds have an especially strong urge that has been selected for over generations.

This type of exercise is good for both their physical and mental health.


What is Hangtime?

Hangtime is when a dog working the springpole has all 4 paws off the ground swinging freely.

Not all dogs will be able to hang or even enjoy hanging if they can.

Do not get frustrated or angry at your dog if they can't or won't do it.

Hangtime is good for strengthening jaw and neck muscles, but they actually get more from the jump than the hang.

Hangtime is excellent breed fufilment for the terrier and bull breeds.

Hangtime can be dangerous and more likely to cause injury than other workouts.

Dogs will do what you ask them to do so make sure they don't get hurt doing it.


What is the most effective way to use a Springpole?

The most effective springpole workout for dogs is with their paws on the ground.

Biting and pulling down works almost all of the muscles in their body.

Similar to humans lifting weights, the more they do the stronger they get.


2 or 4 paws on the ground?

The best strategy is to do both.  They work slightly different muscle groups so best to cover all bases.

It is definitely easier to start dogs on the springpole with their back 2 paws firmly on the ground and front paws in the air.

It is a very natural instinct for a dog to rise, bite and pull.

If you start them off too low they might be tempted to just chew the bite target.

Adjusting the height and location of the springpole will keep the workout fun and more effective.


Will the Springpole make my dog aggressive?

Working the springpole does not promote aggression! 

Real scientific studies show this.  VIEW HERE

Studies show dogs view tug of war as a team effort, not a competition, instinct tells them to work together to bring down prey.

Certain breeds and dogs have been selected for very strong dog aggression, they cannot work together on the springpole safely. 

Some dogs can go from working together, to attacking each other very quickly.


Always supervise and monitor your dogs when using a springpole.