When is it safe to start a puppy on the springpole?

We think you can start puppies right away.

As soon as they have the ability to bite and tug you should encourage it and make it part of play.

Avoid jumping at first, keep their back paws firmly on the ground.


What about growth plates?

Like all mammals puppies have growth plates, and they won't close until 8-12 months old, but that doesn't mean short training session will cause any harm.

Puppies just like children are able to jump and play hard without fear of damaging growth plates.

Just don't over do it, keep sessions short and fun.


Should you let your dog win?

Yes in general letting them win is good positive reinforcement but you have to gauge when it's time to give the reward based on your dogs personality.

Never winning can be really bad for some dogs motivation and could explain why they don't like working the springpole.

If you do give them possession of the toy at the end make sure to take it away quick and put it somewhere they cant get it.


Always leave them wanting more, this will set them up for a lifetime love of the springpole!