The most frequent question we get is why do we use metal rings? Why not use rope or strap instead? 

The truth is we use metal rings because they simply last longer than anything else.  

They last longer than anything else for a couple different reasons.

First, stainless steel rings are the most durable option available, they can withstand rain, salt and abrasion essentially forever.

Second, they prevent your dog from biting and destroying the vulnerable connection points on the springpole setup. 

Most dogs have a tendency to try and bite up as high as they can on their springpole.  Whatever they are biting on they will try to get higher and higher, this seems to be an instinct not learned behavior.  

Dogs generally have enough common sense not to bite hard metal and avoid injuring themselves.  So using a metal connection point will help prevent the dog from biting at the vulnerable point and keep their focus on the bite target itself.   The metal is intentionally left uncoated so it is shiny which is easier to see and avoid.

Dogs seem to have a natural instinct to attack and bite the weak point on their targets. Through trial and error the ring system we currently use is the most durable and longest lasting.

Our springpole products are geared towards the experienced user, both human and canine, that plan on using them daily for years to come.

The ring system does have a drawback and that is the potential accidental injury to your dogs mouth and teeth.   These instances are rare and can be mitigated by supervising your dog and correcting unwanted behavior like biting near the metal.

Again our products are designed for experienced springpole users to get the most out of their investment and this risk must be taken into consideration before purchasing our products.