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Bungee Lead

Bungee Lead

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Made with high quality industrial grade bungee that is manufactured in the USA.

Simple design with a steel Bull Snap that is easy to use and very secure.

Long been a staple of canine conditioning this simple bungee lead can turn every walk into a workout.  

Our Bungee Leads are unique and don't use the traditional heavy clamps making them lightweight and more secure.

The loops in the bungee are industrially sewn instead of clamped using high strength nylon thread.  Bungee reduces in diameter as it stretches which can allow it to eventually be pulled through metal clamps.

Available in 2 strengths and 2 lengths

The Lightweight Lead is made from 3/8 inch bungee and has a maximum resistance of 35lbs

The Heavyweight Lead is made from 1/2 bungee and has a maximum resistance of 50lbs 

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