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  • A Bungee Springpole is the perfect workout tool for your dog.

  • Available in 2 strenghts:
    Middleweight (for dogs up to 90lbs)
    Heavyweight ( for dogs up to 180 lbs)

  • The long powerful stretch of our Bungee Springpoles will burn energy and build muscle fast.

  • Great for all types and breeds of dogs.

  • The Bungee springpole is an excellent alternative to heavy metal springs.  

Safe and and effective it provides resistance and shock absorbing power that builds muscle.

Quality American made bungee is concealed in an outer nylon sheath that protects it from the elements and prevents over stretch.  

It also protects your dog from injury if for some reason the system fails, everything is contained inside the sheath.

Integrated stainless steel rings on each end provide an easy anchor point for hanging and attaching bite targets such as pillows, firehose tugs and rope toys.

- 18" overall length
- 3/8" welded stainless steel rings

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